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The United Kingdom’s Immigration law, practice and policy are complex and constantly being amended. We understand that this can cause anxiety and distress to our clients. We therefore work incessantly to meet our clients’ needs and are able to offer an efficient, sympathetic and cost-effective service.

PUBlic Law

Judicial review is the process in which individuals can hold public bodies such as the Home Office, Local Authorities, etc. to account. Any decisions by these bodies must be fair, rational and reasonable and in accordance with law.

Asylum, civil liberties AND HUMAN RIGHTS

Sutovic & Hartigan have been involved in asylum work since the firm opened. We have been involved in many significant cases which have helped shape the law, from the establishment of the country guidance case system, to cases concerning the proper interpretation of legislation and the lawfulness of government policy.

CLAIMS Against Public Authorities

CAPA are civil claims against a public body for acting unlawfully. Sutovic & Hartigan Solicitors specialise in dealing with claims against the lawfulness of detention within prisons and detention centres as well as the treatment within those places.

Private and Business Immigration

If you wish to come to the UK to work, or to employ workers from outside the UK, there are several routes available to you. 

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